Vacancies Increase

CV-Library data gives insight into candidate market.

Figures from CV-Library suggest job vacancies have increased with their own numbers going up by 7.6 per cent across the UK last month. The data explored fluctuations in pay, jobs and applications throughout March and the findings suggest that businesses across the nation were feeling confident last month. In fact, advertised jobs in some of the UK’s key cities witnessed stand out growth in March. The top cities for job growth include:

  1. Aberdeen – jobs up 18.4 per cent
  2. Liverpool – jobs up 14.8 per cent
  3. Sheffield – jobs up 14.8 per cent
  4. Glasgow – jobs up 12.3 per cent
  5. Cardiff – jobs up 11.2 per cent
  6. Hull – jobs up 11 per cent
  7. Portsmouth – jobs up 10.8 per cent
  8. Bristol – jobs up 10.5 per cent
  9. Manchester – jobs up 10.5 per cent
  10. London jobs up 9.1 per cent

Some of the UK’s leading industries also saw strong job growth last month, with education (17.5 per cent), catering (17.1 per cent), retail (15.7 per cent), legal (13.6 per cent) and marketing (11.3 per cent) vacancies all rising in March.

Despite advertised salaries seeing a slight decrease of 0.3 per cent, application rates also rose last month, increasing by 1.4 per cent when compared with data from February 2018. What’s more, candidate applications saw impressive hikes in some of the nation’s major cities, including  Aberdeen (14.4 per cent), Glasgow (10 per cent), Portsmouth (9.7 per cent), Leeds (6 per cent) and Sheffield (5 per cent).

Biggins concludes: “It’s clear that UK job hunters were also feeling optimistic in March, with application rates also increasing. This is particularly good news for businesses that are facing the backlash of a widening skills gap and suggests that there is a healthy pipeline of talent to fill their roles. As we approach the second quarter of 2018 we hope to see this confidence continue on both sides, though businesses should consider offering more competitive pay packets if they wish to see candidate appetite strengthen even further this year.”


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