Is your new employee on board?


Is Your New Employee On Board?

As business professionals recruiting in today’s candidate driven market it is increasingly important to recognise that delivering a great impression works both ways.

Gone are the days where we can pick and choose; the employer now needs to sell itself and prove it is an employer of choice with a great culture & reward package, robust learning and development opportunities with progression prospects.

A professional and comprehensive onboarding or induction programme can avoid the potential for a mismatch in expectations between employer and employee. We’ve all experienced dwindling enthusiasm from a new employee and perhaps felt frustrated that they aren’t getting up to speed quick enough. So how can you ensure that within the first few weeks, expectations are met if not exceeded and the opportunity for two-way feedback is created at every level.

It’s a cliché, but true – ‘you only get one chance at a first impression’ so it’s important that you get it right, so here are some tips which may be of use:

Communicate your new colleague’s arrival, tell people a bit about them and what valuable experience they’re bringing to the team, so existing employees welcome them enthusiastically.  Nobody wants to be the new person that nobody has heard of!

Ensure your management team take the time to prepare for their arrival; ensure systems, software and the basic tools are in place to function day to day.  We’ve all been there when someone has arrived and they have no chair or can’t log into the system – embarrassing!

Set out clearly your expectations in the first 2-3 weeks, during probation and thereafter; clarity is important, especially when everything is new.

Appoint a buddy or mentor; an approachable point of contact who can help facilitate all those questions and support their development in the early stages.  Don’t forget the other things too like where the toilets are, where to hang your coat, go for lunch etc. Don’t leave them wandering around the office lonely and bewildered…

Prepare an induction programme that will enable your new people to understand the history of your business, it’s stakeholders, values, culture and strategic objectives; make sure they understand where they fit in and the part they will play in contributing to your company success.  They need to understand where the company has been and where it is going; tell them your story, they want to know!

Consider health and safety or other regulated aspects of your business and ensure they are familiar with these in their first few weeks to keep you compliant.

Set aside time for new people to meet key representatives throughout the business, face to face; this builds trust and rapport.

Set clear objectives for them; understand what makes them tick, what motivates and use that to influence performance.

Ensure they’re clear about the responsibilities of their role.  Give clear feedback and recognition for a job well done, this is particularly important throughout the probationary period so they can learn from mistakes and gain confidence through successfully completing tasks.

Ensure your learning and development strategy supports their professional development.

The implementation of a structured and well thought through professional induction plan, will help you maximise the opportunity to build on that first great impression given at interview. Word of mouth will grow your reputation as an employer of choice making you attractive to future candidates, increasing your employee job satisfaction which ultimately will have a positive impact on your client satisfaction.

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