Staff looking tired? Research reveals the busy morning routines of UK workers


It seems that everyone in the country is battling to find the elusive balance between work and life, so it might not be surprising to learn that workers are cramming in personal tasks before their workday begins. In fact, recent research reveals that 77.2% of the nation’s workers are completing chores before they’ve even made it into work, suggesting that professionals are starting their day well before office hours.

So if your staff are walking into the office looking like zombies, it might be worth investigating what they have been up to in the morning. To gain a better understanding of professionals’ morning routines, CV-Library conducted a survey amongst over 2,000 British workers. The findings revealed the ten most common pre-work chores:

  1. Clean the house – 20.1%
  2. Walk the dog – 12.5%
  3. Take the kids to school – 12.1%
  4. Go to the gym – 8%
  5. Go for a run – 7.5%
  6. Meditate – 5.6%
  7. Yoga – 3.5%
  8. Catch up on the news – 1.9%
  9. Check emails – 7%
  10. Make family meals –2%

You might be surprised to see that sitting down and having a decent breakfast isn’t on this list – in fact, the findings show that most workers don’t even bother with a morning meal. What’s more shocking is that workers admit that skipping breakfast has a negative impact on their mood and productivity. Over half (57.6%) feel happier going into work when they’ve eaten a morning meal and similarly 57.2% notice a decline in productivity when they skip brekkie.

With staff running all sorts of errands in the morning and deciding to skip breakfast, perhaps more can be done by businesses to alleviate some of the morning madness? We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so simply offering some free fruit or morning snacks could be a viable solution from UK employers. But this doesn’t solve the bigger issue at play: workers are cramming in morning chores, leaving them exhausted before the workday even begins.

Offering employees flexible working options could be a real solution to the problem. Giving your employees to option to shift their hours or work from home might allow them to fit in personal tasks more easily around their work schedule.  Eliminating the need for early mornings every day and perhaps even giving them time to have a healthy breakfast!

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