Post-election jobs bounce: Recruitment experts see 19% hike in number of new jobs

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New figures reveal a post-election bounce in the availability of new jobs, according to

51,534 jobs were added to last week, indicating a renewed confidence to hire by British businesses.  Last week saw the biggest weekly gain in the number of jobs advertised since January* this year.

The number of jobs added to last week rose by more than 19% compared to the weekly average running up to the election**.

Sectors benefitting from the post-election jobs bounce include Sales (+4,063), Technology (+3,554) and Accountancy (+3,137).


James Reed, Chairman of, said:

“Following all the pre-election uncertainty and talk of a hung parliament, employers have reacted positively to the Tories’ unexpected majority, with a notable bounce in new jobs being advertised.

“The economy was a major campaigning issue and employers will hope that a new mandate for the government will enable them to return to business as usual and the positive signs of growth we’ve been seeing in the jobs market.

“However, with the prospect of a referendum on membership of the EU in the next two and half years, there remains a risk that confidence could yet be compromised.”


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