Three quarters of UK employees applied for a new job in the last year

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According to the latest findings from the Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI), as many as 75% of people have applied for a job within the last year.


Of those who applied, over half (56%) were satisfied with the application process in the UK, a more positive figure than compared with 42% across EMEA. However, there is room for improvement as only 22% claimed to be ‘very satisfied’ with the process.
When asked about what makes an application process successful, 82% felt that ease of application was important, whilst 58% saw a clear job description and requirements as a priority. Half of those polled felt regular communication throughout the application process was key – with the majority arguing that companies should respond to potential candidates within 3 to 5 working days once they have received an application.
Only 13% cited they were very unhappy with their job hunting experience in the UK and of those the majority (64%) attributed this to a lack of communication in the application process.
Commenting on the findings, Deb Pettingill, Regional Operations Director, Kelly Services said: “We’re currently seeing a very fluid talent market, with increasing numbers actively seeking new opportunities to progress their careers. While it is encouraging that UK employers are well above the European average in terms of providing a positive candidate experience, there is more work to be done.
In this candidate driven market, the application process and experience can help a business remain competitive and attract the best talent available. A negative impression can have a profound impact on a company’s brand – not just in terms of their employer brand, but also wider implications as many applicants will be their customers too. In fact according to The 2014 CandE Report  50% of UK applicants would tell their network about a positive recruitment experience, and 88% would increase their purchases with the company.”
The candidate experience goes beyond the application process, feeding into how people are onboarded. As many as 45% of new hires felt their employer did not have a planned approach to assimilate them into the organisation, with only 36% saying that their experience of the first 90 days ‘somewhat’ positively impacted their impression of the company.
Pettingill continued: “By taking a good look at their recruitment and onboarding practice and gaining feedback from applicants along the process, companies can understand where they can make adjustments to enhance the candidate experience. Speed of response can make a real difference to perceptions, especially once candidates have invested time in attending an interview. Not only will their experience of an organisation be improved but in skills short markets, such as life sciences and engineering, it will also help them secure top talent.”
The complete findings are published in a new report, The Candidate Experience from Hiring to Onboarding (
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