Biggest HR challenge is attracting candidates with right values and cultural fit

Found an independent talent survey of 50 senior HR leaders
An independent talent survey of 50 senior HR leaders from some of the UK’s top organisations highlights values and cultural fit as critical talent management issues for today’s employers.

31% of those surveyed stated that attracting candidates with the right values and cultural fit was their biggest challenge.  The next most significant obstacle was forecasting future talent needs (20%), followed by succession planning (12%).

Of those surveyed, 67% believed that selecting for cultural compatibility and values is as important as selecting for skills, with 25% stating that they were more important than technical ability.  Individual comments expressed within the survey stressed that hiring for attitude and then training for skill, was the most effective approach.

Recruiting talent with ‘cultural future fit’ was also suggested as an important consideration for organisations going through change and growth.  However, some respondents were more wary about a hiring process focused on cultural fit as they believed this might discourage the diversity necessary for businesses to flourish.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Independent CEO and Talent specialist Phil Clarke, said,  “With many senior HR leaders in agreement about the importance of ‘value fit’ in selecting candidates, it’s disconcerting that finding the right candidates is proving such a challenge.   For some employers, I think this means revising their values so they are meaningful and expressing them clearly and coherently from the very start of the recruitment process.”–20259.htm


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