Workers expect bosses to cough up for sick leave

Half of employees assume their employer would pay them their full salary for at least three to six months if they faced a period of sickness absence, according to research published by Think tank Demos.

The research suggests that UK workers are risking financial security by failing to protect themselves adequately in case they are forced to leave work through illness or injury.

According to the research of more than 2,000 UK workers, one in 10 will face a period of sickness absence of more than six months during their working life, however over half of the employees surveyed mistakenly believe that their employer would foot the bill for their long-term sick leave.

However, companies are only legally obliged to pay statutory sick pay, currently £85.85 a week, for a maximum of six months.

The research also revealed that 23% of respondents have no financial safety net in the event they would be able to work long-term, with 35% saying that they would rely on their own savings…..

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