Skills gap hindering growth for UK employers, PwC report finds

Employers are calling for the Government to prioritise initiatives that help foster a skilled workforce, as nearly two thirds of UK CEOs (65%) say a lack of key skills is hampering their growth prospects.

The PwC global survey of 1,300 CEOs has revealed UK business leaders are more concerned about the availability of key skills than any of their Western European counterparts – rating it as the greatest threat to the growth of their business.

The research showed employers are looking to the Government to help them plug this skills gap. Three out of four UK CEOs said creating and encouraging a skilled workforce should be the Government’s highest priority for business for the year ahead.

This is in contrast to employers’ own immediate investment priorities, with only a third of UK CEOs placing filling talent gaps as a major priority for 2013. Instead, they see it as a longer-term goal; with 70% of respondents saying they plan to increase investment in their workforce over the next three years….

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