hi m8, do U have NE nice eZ jobs 4 me 2 do? Report finds young people have unrealistic expectations of jobs market and write applications in text speak

  • Many youth  only want jobs in sport, pop culture or media, report finds
  • They cannot  turn up to interviews on time and do not prepare for work
  • Use slang  on job applications thanks to influence of texting and  internet

Young people have ‘unrealistic expectations’ of the job market – with most saying they only want a job if it is in popular  culture, media or sport, a damning report reveals today.

Many employers are desperate to recruit, but  say they are confronted by candidates who apply for jobs in ‘text speak’ and  cannot even turn up punctually for an interview, according to the report from  the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Many young people do not read or understand  the eligibility criteria for the jobs they apply for, employers said.

They lack a general understanding of  employers’ basic expectations – such as what to wear to an interview,  the  importance of turning up on-time, and how to ‘interact’ with other  people.

Many have a ‘poor knowledge’ of the company  that they are applying to work  for, and appear to have failed to research their  potential future  employer.

Others are ‘unable to answer why they want  the job and what they want to do…



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