Candidates kiss goodbye to interview opportunities

Online recruitment agency,, has surveyed more than 1,700 employers and revealed the most off-putting traits displayed by job applicants, interview candidates and new recruits. Top of the list of irritations was seeing abbreviated words used within job applications and informality in communications, with some candidates even resorting to text slang and signing off correspondence with kisses.

Of the recruiters surveyed, 82 per cent thought that any kind of abbreviation in correspondence was unacceptable. A fifth of prospective employers would be put off by communications from job applicants signed off with “xx” and 18 per cent felt it was inappropriate to see “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) used within job applications.

More than half of employers (54 per cent) report that seeing a spelling mistake within a curriculum vitae (CV) immediately deters them from interviewing a candidate. A third of employers polled stated that they had been put off by candidates listing pastimes such as “watching reality TV” and “clubbing”. Fifteen per cent of recruiters reported that they would be less likely to interview a candidate who listed “taking care of my cats” in the interests section of a CV.  Conversely, only 2 per cent of the recruiters reported that they would be put off by a candidate listing “hunting, shooting, or fishing” among their interests….

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