Aspire Jobs helps candidates make a Fresh Start

Local businesswoman and owner of Aspire Jobs Helen Stacey has extended the services she offers her candidates by teaming up in a professional capacity with Lucy Windsor of Fresh Start to offer candidates a professional CV writing service.

Helen commented “as part of my service I continually offer free advice to candidates on their Cv’s and the layout of covering emails and letters. This isn’t something that most recruitment agencies take the time to do. The quality on the CV often isn’t there or candidates aren’t selling themselves in the best possible way. Knowing Lucy from working together a number of years ago I have recommended a large number of candidates to her fledgling business “Fresh Start” who offer a completely private & confidential service advising on Cv’s, covering emails, Linked In profiles and job application forms helping to re-write these in a format that employers find interesting and that makes them stand out from the crown.

Lucy charges a very modest fee for her service and has had some excellent results”.

Recent testimonials include:-

“I was recommended to Lucy by Helen Stacey at Aspire Jobs and she has been so helpful. Working in the sporting industry for many years and predominately for one company I have never needed a CV as jobs have either been through word of mouth or promotions. I had no idea where to start with my CV and had no joy with on line sites as they are so impersonal so to be able to speak to Lucy one on one and at length about my CV was invaluable. Friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable”

Recent success includes a candidate who secured a senior job after Lucy re-wrote his CV “Fresh Start rewrote my CV and I secured a senior position within 2 months, during interviews feedback on my CV was very positive, even recruiters struggled to find a weakness!!”

Helen comments “all too often candidates don’t tailor their CV or have any idea of where to start. The amount of Cv’s I have seen over 24 years in the recruitment industry can vary wildly from interesting and buzzy to one that came through recently which was 7 pages long – no employer or recruiter is going to even bother reading that as they don’t have time.

Lucy has extensive recruitment experience both direct and for agencies and is able to grasp what someone’s skills and strengths are and then put that in a positive format, something which I don’t have time to do.”

For more details contact Helen at Aspire Jobs on 07974 429217 or visit the partner pages of her website –

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