47% of UK employees feel threatened by their boss

  • Civil servants, scientists, doctors and retail managers the most threatened
  • Civil service leaders are the most threatening in the UK – almost three-quarters of civil servants feel threatened by their leader
  • Lack of quality leadership part of the ‘productivity puzzle’

Almost half of UK employees say their boss makes them feel threatened, according to research released this morning by Head Heart + Brain, a leadership development consultancy.

In a damning indictment of the leadership skills of UK bosses, when asked ‘does the leadership of your organisation make you feel threatened or rewarded?’  47% of UK employees said they felt actively threatened by their leader.

Jan Hills, partner at Head Heart + Brain, explains: “On the whole, UK leaders are failing to send out positive signals of reward to their employees. It is making organisations less productive and more resistant to change, something which the UK cannot afford as it tries to drag itself out the economic quicksand created by the 2008 financial crisis.”

Leaders in the civil service are the most threatening in the country: almost three quarters (72%) of civil servants said they felt the behaviour of their boss made them feel threatened – more than any other sector.  The civil service has undergone tumultuous changes in the last three years.  Two-thirds of Britain’s most senior civil servants are so demoralised that they are considering leaving their jobs, according to one recent poll which also found that almost one in four Whitehall staff in the top three grades of the service want to leave their jobs immediately.  The Cabinet Office said 95,000 people had not turned up for work when civil servants went on strike on budget day…..


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