More than 20% of everyone’s income tax bill goes straight to benefits, sparking fresh calls for more cuts to welfare

  • Average worker sees 22.4% of their income  tax spent on benefits, not including the state pension
  • More than 7% goes on funding interest  payments on the nation’s debts
  • Tory MP Robert Halfon calls for deeper  welfare cuts to fund more help with the rising cost of living, including fuel  bills
  • Chancellor George Osborne will deliver  Budget on March 20

A fifth of income tax goes straight to fund  Britain’s vast benefits bill, new figures show as Tory MPs step up their call  for more cuts to welfare.

Chancellor George Osborne is coming under  Cabinet pressure ahead of this month’s Budget to find more savings from welfare  as ministers resist deeper cuts to defence, police and business.

New Treasury figures reveal the average  taxpayer now spends more than £1,100 each on benefits, excluding pensions, while  a further £370 goes on paying interest on the nation’s debts….



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