The skills needed to be successful in 2013

The public sector is in a state of enormous upheaval. We are experiencing the deepest cuts to public spending in living memory and despite being officially out of a recession; the public sector continues to make redundancies. People now need to have a broader understanding of the roles in their workplace in order to survive; many public sector workers need to have an understanding of finance even if they are not accountants.

Although flexibility is important in any job, it becomes even more important in a crowded job space. With more people applying for each job, candidates need to be able to demonstrate that they can adapt to change, can manage responsibility and quickly become a vital part of any team from day one.

As further budget cuts can’t be ruled out for the foreseeable future, the prospect of more streamlined environments brings with it the need to have better managed information in order to help monitor the use of public resources and improve decision-making. With efficiency and value for money becoming top priorities in the public sector, it is important for non-finance staff to have an understanding of the finance function of their organisation, especially those staff in managerial roles…..


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