What you need to know about sponsoring migrant workers from outside Europe

The UK Border Agency Agency’s recent decision to deprive London Metropolitan University of its “Highly Trusted Sponsor” status has highlighted the importance of organisations adhering to their sponsorship duties.  Due to London Metropolitan University losing its licence, around 2,600 students face deportation if they are unable to find an alternative sponsor.

The sponsorship duties for employers are slightly different to those of education providers, but the outcome of failing to comply is the same. If you are non-compliant you could lose your sponsor licence resulting in your employees losing the right to remain in the UK.

Employing migrant workers

Employers have a duty to prevent illegal working. This means they must identify potential employees who require permission to work in the UK and undertake prescribed document checks before and during employment. Failure to do so could result in criminal and civil penalties including fines of up to £10,000 for each illegal worker and even imprisonment.

Certain categories of migrants are able to work in the UK without permission; for example, those who have indefinite leave to remain in the UK and nationals from the European Economic Area…..


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