The view on apprenticeships must change and should be seen as equal to a degree, says Richard review

More teenagers should be encouraged to take work-based apprenticeships as an alternative to university, according to a review by entrepreneur Doug Richard.

The review, published today, said the previous Government’s target to push half of school leavers into university had resulted in an “unthinking collective belief” that a degree “offers an indication of greater capability which it does not, in fact, confer”.

He said that a successful overhaul of the system should be made to enable 18-year-olds to turn down “a place at Oxbridge to take up an apprenticeship if that is the right path for them”.

Entrepreneur Doug Richard was asked by Business Secretary Vince Cable and Education Secretary Michael Gove to consider the future of apprenticeships in England.

The review also found that apprenticeships in England should last a year and genuinely train someone in a new role….

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