Changes to UK immigration rules announced

Organisations based in the UK who currently employ workers from outside the European Union, or may employ migrant worker in the future, need to be aware of important changes to the UK’s Immigration Rules, which come into force on 13 December 2012.

While the changes are described as “not substantive” by the UK Border Agency, they nevertheless make important tweaks to the rules under which migrant workers are brought to the UK and are employed by UK organisations.

The main changes are:

  • Amendments to the rules regarding entrepreneurs and investors in Tier 1 of the Points-Based System, relating to the kinds of funds which need to be shown to allow access to the UK.
  • Minor changes to Tier 2 of the points based system, with the most relevant specific change being an increase from five years to nine years in the period of time an individual who has come to the UK as part of Intra-Company Transfer arrangement and earns over £150,000 per year can stay in the UK
  • An extension to the interim limit, changes to the leave conditions for doctors/dentists in training, clarification of the post-graduate legal courses that are exempt from the time limit and other minor changes to Tier 4 of the points based system.
  • A further clarification of the rules for those on government authorised exchanges within Tier 5….
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