Resignation rates at lowest level since 2007

Interesting facts here.  We are finding that people are opting to “stay put” as they don’t want to be last one in, first one out in a new role.  Also a lot of people who are resigning after finding new jobs are then being “counter offered” by their employers and then deciding to stay put after all.

The number of employees resigning is at its lowest level in five years, with an average 9.3% of staff voluntarily leaving their jobs in 2011.

This is according to analysis of data from five years of XpertHR’s annual labour turnover rates and costs survey, which, in 2011, recorded the lowest resignation levels since 2007, when the average level was 17.8%.

While resignations in private-sector-services firms followed the overall downward trend during the past five years, there was a small rise in resignations reported in 2011, with 11% of employees in this sector resigning, compared with 10.6% the previous year…..

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