Number of ‘workless households’ in UK down slightly, ONS figures show

In April to June 2012 there were 3.7 million UK households with at least one member aged 16 to 64 where no-one was working, figures from ONS have shown.

This represented 17.9% of households and was a fall of 0.8 percentage points, or 153,000 households, on a year earlier, the second consecutive fall.

In all, 1.8 million children lived in these households, as did 5 million people aged 16-64.

Sickness, both long-term and temporary, was the main reason given for not working by those people aged 16 to 64 living in workless households, accounting for 1.45 million, or around three in every 10 workless people.

The second most common reason given was being unemployed, accounting for 1.03 million, or one in five. The next three most common reasons were looking after the family, retirement and study…..


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